Omaha Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Before & After Gallery 

We’re The Garage Floor Company and we’re in the business of transformations. You would think we would grow accustomed to seeing the old and outdated transformed to look new and modernized. Yet, somehow, we’re always amazed at what new flooring can do to a room. A new garage floor epoxy coating from The Garage Floor Company in Omaha can change the feel, function, and aesthetic of any room in almost no time at all. And no matter the space—garage or living, office or industrial—our flooring services can offer the makeover you’re looking for! After all, there’s nothing quite like a great before and after picture. 

Though we’re known in Omaha as the garage floor epoxy coating experts, we do so much more than garage flooring. We offer our professional floor solutions to people with all kinds of flooring needs. 

  • Commercial - Whether you need epoxy flooring in your modern office building or want a sturdy, durable flooring for your industrial space, we can do it all. Our flooring is versatile and perfect for your company’s unique needs. 
  • Garages - We’re not called The Garage Floor Company for nothing. Garage floors are where we got our start, and we’re incredibly proud of our garage floor installation work. Check out our amazing garage before and after pictures! 

We can tackle so much more than your garage floor. No matter what your flooring needs are, as you can see from our photos, our work speaks for itself. Give any room in your home or business a brand-new look and feel with updated epoxy flooring that’s beautiful and long-lasting! Contact The Garage Floor Company in Omaha for a consultation on garage floor epoxy coating, polishing, and resurfacing!

Before & After 7

Non treated, oil stained, old garage floor. Removed all stains with our diamond grinder and made look brand new with our MVB Epoxy in Dolphin color.

Before & After 6

Garage with click together rubber square flooring. Customer complained of mold smell which was under squares. Fixed with our MVB Epoxy in Tuxedo color.

Before & After 5

Back porch with old glue down carpet. Removed carpet and installed our MVB Epoxy in Brown color.

Before & After 4

Non treated, pitted, cracking garage concrete. Fixed with our MVB Epoxy in Tuxedo color.

Before & After 3

DIY Epoxy kit gone wrong. Fixed with our MVB Epoxy in Dolphin color.

Before & After 2

Non treated, pitted bare concrete garage. Fixed with our MVB Epoxy in Tuxedo color.