Metallic Epoxy Floors in Omaha

While epoxy floors are a durable, long-lasting solution, our Omaha metallic epoxy flooring service offers the same durability with a little extra style! Metallic epoxy is a great solution for any interior concrete floor to completely transform the space and get a customized, unique look. The installation process includes intermixing metallic flakes within the epoxy and using fluid movement to disperse the flakes for a stimulating design. Compared to concrete staining, metallic epoxy is a more stylish and more durable alternative.

Benefits of epoxy coating include:

  • Provides a durable, spill-proof and stain-proof surface
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Enhances lighting

Avoid Water Damage with Moisture Vapor Barrier

To adequately protect your metallic epoxy floor, we install a Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy Primer to protect it from water damage. Typical concrete floors are susceptible to water damage as water can seep up through the cracks. Our vapor barrier prevents water from coming up and protects your new floor from water damage. A benefit of working with The Garage Floor Company in Omaha for metallic epoxy flooring and interior concrete coating, is that this primer is included in our price, whereas a lot of other competitors in the Omaha area typically charge extra for this service.

Customize Your Floor

Our residential or commercial metallic epoxy flooring comes in many different colors and styles to give you a complete customized floor. Our epoxy mixture is durable and resistant to the general wear and tear that can show damage on other flooring materials, which is why we are comfortable with offering a Lifetime Peeling Warranty on all of our products and services.

Contact The Garage Floor Company in Omaha today for your free quote on custom metallic epoxy flooring and interior concrete floor coating!

completed metallic epoxy flooring with red marbled finish