Omaha Polyaspartic Flooring

As an addition to our beautiful and durable epoxy flooring options, the team at The Garage Floor Company also offers a top coat of polyaspartic floor coating for your Omaha home’s concrete surface. Originally developed as a steel coating for bridges, it has inherent corrosion resistant properties. It also can be more versatile than epoxy alone due to its quick drying times. This product dries to a beautiful glossy finish, and you can also add color to the coating for a more bold look. Also, the decorative chips that are added to the top of the wet surface make it more colorful and slip resistant.

This product has some advantages over epoxy alone. The polyaspartic floor coating can be applied to your Omaha epoxy coated concrete surface in a variety of weather and temperature conditions, and also cures within an hour. When it dries, it is a hard surface, but also flexible enough to maintain a scratch and stain resistant finish. This sealing product will also be resistant to chipping and scuffing, making it more durable than epoxy alone.

Since this product can be tricky to apply, you will need our experts at The Garage Floor Company in Omaha. Our team has the required expertise to install this flooring option in your home. Polyaspartic floor coating for your Omaha home’s concrete surfaces is a beautiful and durable combination with our epoxy flooring. 

It is important to work with the professional team from The Garage Floor Company if you choose to use a polyaspartic floor coating as a top coat in combination with our epoxy coating. We have the expertise to help our customers choose the right flooring option for their particular application. Our highly trained team backs all of our products with a Lifetime Warranty. Contact our experts today for an estimate on your individual concrete floor sealing project. We look forward to assisting you!

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